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There should be stuff here for beginners and veterans. You can find Warframes, Weapons, Mods, Rivens and Bundles here. As with any store, my stock is limited so if you see something you like make sure to message me on PSN : idsie

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Here is a short summary of what you can find where

  • Warframes / Weapons / Misc contains : Warframes - Sentinels - Landingcraft - Prime / Prisma / Vandal/ Wraith / Archwing Weapons - Kubrows
  • Regular mods contains: Mod Bundles for beginners - Useful Warframe / Weapon / Archwing mods
  • Riven mods contains: 10 -20p Riven section / 40p+ section - Riven gallery for more expenisve rivens - Exclusive Riven section (in which you can display your rivens for sale)
  • Bundles contains: Unique bundles that offer multiple items as a set with a lower price 

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Newest added items

7. Nov, 2017

Riven mods Price drops

Several of the riven mods have dropped in price. And there are new additions to the Exclusive riven selection: Arca Scisco - Marelok - Strun - Zakti are some just to name a few

7. Nov, 2017

Space Doge has arrived

Now you can get your very own Space Doge. Currently the selection is thin, including some bulky, some lotus and some cuties. Prices are low and they are ready to go

6, Nov, 2017

Shiny Dakka Dakka

Have you been looking for that Shiny Dakka Dakka? Clem would be so happy if you gave it to him. Now limited stock Prisma Grakata - if you combine it with any Grakata Riven for sale here you'll get 20% off on the total price

3. Nov, 2017

Space Dogs!!

In the coming days I will add a new page which will feature Kubrow imprints. These imprints can be used to get the original Kubrow. So if you want a certain type / body build/ pattern you don't have to fight mister RNG

  • Cute Lotus kubrow 80p for 2 imprints

    Universal vacuum is comming, so you can bring your space dog on a trip through the milky way. Why not bring a stunning Lotus Kubrow with you?

  • Lebz Riven - 850p

    This Lenz riven will get you over 100 Crit chance and a hefty multiplier on its on. Combined with any decent build, nothing will survive.

  • Zenith Riven - 140p

    Turn that Zenith into a slash monster. Get the thrill of the kill, sawing all that comes your way in half. Don't let that 500 day milestone become a let down.