All the weapons you may need

Want to show of that vaulted weapon to your friends? Good chance you'll find it here. Or perhaps you're looking to stun them with a special (event) weapon. We've got it. This section contains the following weapon selections:

  • Primary Prime Weapons
  • Secondary Prime Weapons
  • Melee Prime Weapons
  • Special Weapons (Prisma/ Vandal/ Wraith)
  • Archwing Weapons
  • Syndicate Weapons
Primary Weapons Availability MR Required Price
Akbronco Prime BP + Link Available 11 15p
Boar Prime [New] Available 2 130p
Boltor Prime Unavailable 2
Braton Prime Available 0 30p
Burston Prime Available 0 25p
Cernos Prime Available 8 50p
Latron Prime Available 0 80p
Paris Prime Available 4 30p
Soma Prime [Price drop] Available 6 130p
Sybaris Prime Available 12 60p
Tigris Prime Available 13 60p
Vectis Prime [Price drop] Available 3 120p

*Contains just the BP and Link. You still require 2 build Bronco Primes to build.

Secondary Weapons Availability MR Required Price
Aklex Prime BP + Link* Available 4 20p
Akstiletto Prime Unavailable 5
Ballistica Prime [New] Available 7 70p
Bronco Prime Available 0 20p
Euphona Prime Available 14 55p
Hikou Prime Available 2 40p
Lex Prime Available 3 40p
Vasto Prime Available 3 40p
Spira Prime Unavailable 3
Sicarus Prime Unavailable 7

*Contains just the BP and Link. You still require 2 build Lex Primes to build.

Melee Weapons Availability MR Required Price
Bo Prime [Price drop] Available 5 170p
Dakra Prime * Available 6 80p
Dual Kamas Prime Unavailable 6
Fang Prime Available 0 40p
Fragor Prime [Price drop] Available 7 50p
Orthos Prime Available 2 40p
Galatine Prime Available 13 40p
Nami Skyla Prime Unavailable 11
Nikana Prime Available 0 80p
Reaper Prime Unavailable 2
Scindo Prime Unavailable 4
Silva Aegis Prime Available 12 60p
Venka Prime Available 8 70p

* Part of Deadly Dakra Bundle (150p: Dakra Prime + Dakra Riven + Stance)

Special Weapons Type MR Required Price
Dera Vandal Primary 4 50p
Gorgon Wraith Primary 3 80p
Ignis Wraith (bp only) Primary 6 5p
Karak Wraith [out of stock] Primary 0 50p
Latron Wraith [out of stock] Primary 0 50p
Prisma Angstrum Secondary 4 60p
Prisma Grakata Primary 0 60p
Prova Vandal Melee 0 60p
Snipetron Vandal * Primary 0 75p
Strun Wraith [out of stock] Primary 1 50p
Vulkar Wraith Primary 0 125p
Wraith Twin Vipers [out of stock] Secondary 0 50p

* Part of Antidote Package Bundle (150p: Snipetron Riven + Snipetron Vandal)

Archwing Type Parts Price
Agkuza Melee 3 40p
Centaur Melee 3 40p
Kaszas Melee 2 30p
Rathbone Melee 2 30p

Normal going price is 20p per part. This is what I used to determine my prices. So I took of 10P - 20p for a set

Syndicate Weapon Type MR Required Price

None for sale atm due to low demand.