Current Riven Selection

All of the following rivens have 0 rolls. So if you would like to change the stats it will be the lowest kuva cost (900 Kuva) or buy them with intent on reselling them they have prime value. 

-Some of the mods may be maxed, but are NEVER rolled.

  • 10p -20p Rivens
  • 40p + Rivens

Prices are plat, no intent on trading for parts. 

10p - 30p Rivens Stats MR Price
Aksomati +Status Dur, + Reload Speed, +Fire Rate, - DMG Corpus 16 10p
Bronco - Recoil, + DMG Grineer, +Projectile speed 13 10p
Despair +DMG Grineer, +DMG Corpus 8 10p
Flux Rifle +Magazine Size, +Heat, -Fire Rate 9 10p
Spectra +Punch Through, +DMG Infested 12 10p
30p+ Rivens Stats MR Price
Attica +Crit DMG, +Flight Speed, - Ammo max 9 50p
Boltor +Ammo Max, +Critter DMG, +Toxin, - Stat Dur 13 75p
Dakra [New] +Range, +DMG, +Electricity, -DMG Grineer 11 75p
Dera [New] +DMG Infested, +Crit DMG 16 30p
Dual Ether +DMG Infested, +Channel DMG,-Stat chance 15 55p
Dual Heat Swords +Stat Dur, +Combo Dur, -Stat Chance 8 55p
Grakata +DMG Grineer, +DMG, -Fire Rate 10 90p
Javlok +Punch Through, +DMG, - Stat Dur 13 75p
Karak [Price Drop] +Reload Speed, +Multishot 12 40p
Lex [Price Drop] +Ammo Max, +Toxic, -Stat Chance 8 30p
Ogris +Ammo Max, +Cold, +Multishot, - DMG Infested 10 75p
Panthera [New] - Recoil, +Crit DMG, +Heat 9 40p
Paracyst [Price Drop] +Heat, +Stat Chance 14 50p
Phage +Fire Rate, +Cold, +Toxic 16 75p
Redeemer +DMG Grineer, +Crit DMG 11 60p
Snipetron +DMG Corpus, +Electric, +Puncture 13 75p
Staticor +Crit Chance. +Heat, -Recoil 11 55p
Synapse +Crit Chance,-Recoil, -Ammo Max 8 75p
Twin Rogga +Cold, +DMG, -Stat Dur 11 50p
Twin Rogga +DMG, +Zoom, +Puncture, -DMG Corpus 15 70p
Vasto +Slash, +Stat Chance, +Heat 13 65p
Vasto [Price Drop] +Stat Chance, +DMG 12 40p
Zenith [Price drop] +Slash, +Multishot, -Stat Dur 10 140P