Price list

Here you find mods in the following order:

  • Melee mods
  • Rifle / Bow / Special weapon mods
  • Secondary mods
  • Shotgun mods
  • Stance mods
  • Warframe mods

Below each section is listen which mods are part of a bundle which can be found here Beginner Mod Bundles .

If you buy 5 mods, you'll get the cheapest for free. This applies to all mods op this page.

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Melee Mods Info Price per 1 item
Berserker + Attack speed on critical hit 10p
Covert Lethality + 100 % finisher damage for Daggers (instant kill) 15p
Energy Channel Convert energy used to bonus damage 5p
Focus Energy + Channel efficiency, + Electric damage 10p
Fury * + Attack speed 5p
Heavy Trauma + Impact damage 10p
Jagged Edge + Slash damage 10p
Life Strike + Life steal, - Channel efficiency (Channeling only) 15p
Organ Shatter * + Critical damage 5p
Power Throw + Punch through on thrown melee weapons 5p
Pressure Point * + Damage 5p
Quickening + Attack speed, - Channeling efficiency (Channeling only) 5p
Reach * + Reach 5p
Reflex Coil + Channeling efficiency 5p
Relentless Combination Chance for slash procs to add to combo counter 10p
Rending Strike + Slash damage, + Puncture damage 10p
Rift Strike Charge attacks will jump you to a target (Twin Basolk only) 20p
Spoiled Strike + Damage, - Attack Speed 15p
Sundering Strike + Puncture damage 10p
True Steel + Critical chance 5p
Virgulant Scourge + Toxin damage, + Status chance 15p
Volcanic Edge + Heat damage, + Status chance 25p
Weeping Wounds Extra status chance on higher combo counter 35p
Whirlwind + Flight speed for thrown melee 5p

* Part of Melee Starter Bundle (15p)
** Part of Dual status Toxin Bundle (40p)

Rifle Mods Info Price for 1 item
Adhesive Blast Grenades stick to surfaces (Grenade weapons only) 10p
Arrow Mutation Convert ammo picked up to Arrows 5p
Combustion Beam Killed enemies may explode dealing damage (Beam weapons only) 10p
Critical Delay + Crit chance, - Fire rate 10p
Heavy Caliber + Damage, - Accuracy 30p
Malignant Force ** + Toxin damage, + Status chance 15p
Point Strike * + Critical chance 5p
Rifle Ammo Mutation Convert ammo picked up to rifle ammo 5p
Serration * + Damage 5p
Shred * + Punch through, + Fire rate 15p
Sinister Reach + longer reach (Beam weapons only) 5p
Split Chamber * + Multishot 10p
Stabilizer - Recoil 5p
Terminal Velocity + Flight Speed 5p
Thunderbolt Adds chance for arrows to explode (All bows except Lenz) 5p
Vile Precision - Recoil, - Fire rate 15p
Vital Sense * + Critical damage 10p
Wildfire + Mag capacity, + Heat damage 5p

* Part of Rifle Starter Bundle (35p)
** Part of Dual status Toxin Bundle (40p)

Secondary weapon mods Info Price per 1 item
Barrel Diffusion * + Multishot 15p
Creeping Bullseye + Critical chance, - Fire rate 10p
Frost Bite + Cold damage, + Status chance 25p
Hornet Strike * + Damage 5p
Ice Storm + Cold damage, + Mag capacity 5p
Lethal Torrent * + Multishot, +Fire rate 15p
Magnum Force + Damage, - Accuracy 10p
Pistol Gambit * + Critical chance €5,00
Pistol Pestilence ** + Toxin Damage, + Status chance 15p
Scorch + Heat damage, + Status chance 25p
Seeker + Punch through 10p
Steady Hands - Recoil 5p
Stunning Speed + Reload speed, + Status chance 10p
Tainted Clip + Mag capacity, - Reload speed 10p
Target Cracker * + Critical damage 5p

* Part of Secondary Starter Bundle (35p)
** Part of Dual status Toxin Bundle (40p)

Shotgun mods Info Price for 1 item
Accelerated Blast + Fire rate, + Puncture damage 10p
Blaze * +Heat damage, + Damage 15p
Burdened Magazine + Mag capacity, - Reload speed 5p
Hells Chamber * + Multishot 10p
Point Blank * + Damage 5p
Ravage * + Critical damage 5p
Seeking Force * + Punch through 10p
Seeking Fury + Punch through, + Reload speed 10p
Shotgun Ammo Mutation Converts ammo picked up to shotgun ammo 5p
Tainted Shell - Spread, - Fire rate 10p
Toxic Barrage** + Toxin damage, + Status chance 15p
Vicious Spread + Damage, + Spread 15p

* Part of Shotgun Starter Bundle (35p)
** Part of Dual status Toxin Bundle (50p)

Stance mods Weapon Type Price per 1 item
Astral Twilight Glaives 30p
Atlantis Vulcan Nunchaku 10p
Bleeding Willow Polearms 10p
Brutal Tide Sparring 10p
Cleaving Whirlwind Heavy Blade 10p
Coiling Viper Whips 5p
Crimson Dervish Swords 25p
Crossing Snakes Dual Swords 5p
Crushing Ruin Hammers 60p
Decisive Judgement Nikanas 25p
Defiled Snapdragon Blade and Whip 10p
Eleventh Storm Swords and Shields 10p
Final Harbringer Swords and Shields 10p
Flailing Branch Staves 10p
Four Riders Claws 35p
Gaia's Tragedy Fists 10p
Gleaming Talon Glaives 25p
Gnashing Payara Dual Daggers 10p
High Noon Gunblade 40p
Homing Fang Daggers 10p
Iron Phoenix Swords 10p
Malicious Raptor Claws 25p
Pointed Wind Daggers 10p
Seismic Palm Fists 5p
Shattering Storm Hammers 10p
Sovereign Outcast Tonfas 60p
Stalking Fan Scythes 20p
Tranquil Cleave Nikanas 15p
Vermillion Storm Claws 25p
Vulpine Mask Rapiers 35p
Warframe Mods info Price per 1 item
Continuity * Higher power duration 20p
Enemy Sense See more enemies on the minimap 5p
Fire Walker ** Added Bullet Jump,Aim glide Wall latch, + Heat damage 10p
Flow * Higher energy max 10p
Ice Spring ** Added Bullet Jump,Aim glide Wall latch, + Cold Damage 10p
Intensify * Higher power strength 10p
Lightning Dash * Added Bullet Jump,Aim glide Wall latch, + Electric damage 10p
Master Thief Highlight more loot boxes on minimap 5p
Natural Talent Quicker ability casting speed 10p
Quick Thinking Consumes energy when taking fatal damage to stay alive 10p
Rage Converts damage taken to energy 25p
Retribution Chance to electrify enemies that melee you, added electic damage 5p
Shock Absorbers Damage resistance when knocked down 15p
Streamline * Higher power efficiency 10p
Stretch * Higher power range 10p
Toxic Flight ** Added Bullet Jump,Aim glide Wall latch, +Toxic damage 10p
Undying Will Longer bleedout timer 5p
Vigor Extra Shield and Health 10p

* Part of Beginner mod Bundle Tier I (price 40p)
** Part of Exilus Status Bundle (price 30p)