Archwing and Companion mods

These Archwing mods should help you get through archwing mission a lot faster, saving you quite a grind.

Here you will find the current selection of available items. Note that the prices are set. However purchasing multiple items (entire site selection) might lead to a discount.

If there is a special item you can not find here, I am sorry I can't help you on your quest. 

-Trades are plat only

-No individual parts are sold

! For contact on purchasing or offers send a message on PSN to : idsie

Archwing mods Available Type Price per 1 item
Afterburner 4 Elytron only 10p
Astral Slash 1 Arch-Melee 20p
Automatic Trigger 6 Arch-Gun 10p
Auxiliry Power 5 Archwing 10p
Cold Snap 4 Itzal only 10p
Dual Rounds 1 Arch-Gun 10p
Efficient Transferral 5 Archwing 10p
Energy Amplifier 5 Archwing 10p
Energy Field 2 Odonata only 10p
Hyperion Thrusters 1 Archwing 20p
Morphic Transformer 4 Archwing 15p
Nebula Bore 1 Arch Melee 20p
Rubedo-Lined Barrel 20 Arch-Gun 5p
System Reroute 1 Archwing 25p

You can buy a Archwing Starter pack containing : Automatic Trigger, Auxiliry Power, Efficient Transferral, Energy Amplifier and Morphic Transformer for 45p instead of 55p*

*if all mods are still available

Companion Mods Available Type Price per 1 item
Animal instinct 3 All 15p
Bite 1 Companion 35p
Coolant Leak 11 Sentinel 10p
Fired Up 10 Sentinel 5p
Guardian 33 Sentinel 5p
Maul 15 Companion 10p
Medi-Pet Kit 3 Companion 15p
Sanctuary 2 Sentinel 15p
Shelter 3 Companion 15p
Spare Parts 52 Sentinel 5p