Deadly Dakra Bundle

Don't own the Dakra Prime? Can't wait for it to be unvaulted? Tired of people asking 120p just because it's vaulted? This bundle is perfect for you. You'll have a head start over all the other people that get a Dakra Prime. With this solid riven mod that adds Range, Damage and Electricity your Dakra can compete with other melee weapons.  This can all be yours for 150p. Items are up for grabs seperatly so pick it up before the bundle is broken up.

Landingcraft Bundle

Tired of looking at that standard Liset landingcraft whilest loading up a mission? Sure it might have a prisma skin, but it's still the same ship all the beginners use. If you never wanted to spend 150p on a single landingcraft you can now get both Mantis and Scimitar for just 100p. Saving you 200p if you bought them from the store. Sold seperatly for 40p / 70p

The Antidote Package

This package is the perfect antidote for Grineer and Corpus. With innate Electricity it is easy to mod for either Corrosive or Magnetic. Taking that armor or shield away. Besides that it deals extra damage to Corpus and has extra Puncture to add to that already high base Puncture. 

With Plains of Eidolon the Snipers will get buffed, you'll get that buff early in the form of a Riven mod. Contains Snipetron Vandal set + Snipetron Riven. Seperatly 75p each, bundle price 125p.

Puncture Power

This is the Puncture set. Kill your enemies and make it stick, make them stick to walls too. Grineer hate it, so you'll love it. 300p is the magic price that will grant you all the puncture you want.

Drift to succes

Choose any 5 of these mods to finally use that exilus slot. Make sure you don't wait to long since the bundles are limited. Instead of the 15p per mod you'll get 5 mods for 50p. Leave your enemies puzzled with your new aquired powers. (Click picture for bigger size)

Killer Kitty Bundle

Killer Kitty bundle consists of : Valkyr Prime - Eternal War - Hysterical Assault - Prolonged Paralysis- Swing Line. All the goodness for 125p. Mods are not sold seperatly. Requires 2 trades.