Riven Gallery

Here you can view the more expensive rivens I have to offer. 

If you want to get a closer look you can click the image to get a full display of the stats. As always these rivens are unranked and prices are subject to change. 

I only own 1 of each riven so if you wish to obtain one be sure to contact me via PSN


  • Boltor - 75p

    With this Boltor Riven you can bring back the glory and the fame to the forgotten favourite of all the veterans.

  • Dakra - 75p

    It has everything the Dakra lacks. More range, we've got it. More Damage, we''ve got it. Added Electric for easy corrosive / magnetic / viral?
    No need to answer.

    Part of Deadly Dakra Bundle

  • Grakata - 90p

    This Grakata Riven will save you ammo and still get you more kills. Great for people that don't want to be tied down to Carrier or Ammo Mutation.

  • Javlok - 75p

    Having extra Punch Through will ensure this spear to land in the middle of the crowd, killing everything with the added damage for this Riven.

  • Ogris - 75p

    For 75p you can shoot twice the rockets, twice the explosion, twice the damage and make that blast damage even greater with easy innate Cold damage.

  • Phage - 75p

    With innate Viral on both the weapon and the Riven enemies health will drop very fast. To get that proc quicker you'll love the added fire rate.

  • Snipetron - 75p

    Without a doubt a steal. You'll get back for your buck. Soon all snipers will be buffed for PoE. Making this weapon a killer against both Corpus and Grineer with this Riven.

    Part of Antidote Package Bundle

  • Twin Rogga - 70p

    Pack a punch in your pocket with these grineer destroyers. With added puncture and raw damage you will be taking down anyone that gets to close.

  • Veiled Melee - 50p

    Try your luck at unveiling a riven mod yourself. For 50p you get both the thrill and possible high value reward of opening this Melee Riven.

  • Zenith - 140

    Turn that Zenith into a slash monster. Get the thrill of the kill, sawing all that comes your way in half. Don't let that 500 day milestone become a let down.