Supporter Riven section - Decent / Good / God Rolls

Here you'll find rivens that aren't owned by me. If you want your riven featured on this page it's 10p per riven, 25p for 3 rivens which is also the max. These rivens don't have to be unrolled!!

You can have them up in 3 ways:

  1. Hard price - you state a price and this is what you expect.
  2. Offer with minimum - you state a minimum price and get offers.
  3. Price OBO - You state a price which you want or best offer near that price.

These rivens will be up for 30 days. I do not guarentee their sale. This site is an easy way for you to get the price you want without having to spam trade chat. All I need is for you to send me the ingame link of the riven. The riven will be in your possesion at all times.

If you wish to get one of the rivens, contact the player in question.

Special thanks to all of you lend me their support.

You can see the full riven by clicking the image (full stats - MR - Rolls)


  • Arca Scisco: 300p OBO - erzenengel1985

    This perfect polarity Crit damage / Damage riven will make sure you have the most dangerous Arca Scisco in the game.

    PSN: erzenengel1985

  • Gram God roll : 200p OBO - erzenengel1985

    This riven will guarentee crits and make them insane. Often the Gram is seen as the little brother of the Galatine, make this lil brother kick some ass.

    PSN: erzenengel1985

  • Zakti 300p - erzenengel1985

    Extra damage on the Zakti is always good, the added status duration will let these toxic clouds get kills for you passively.

    PSN: erzenengel1985

  • Marelok 70p OBO - Da1nOnlyPIGDOG

    Unrolled riven mod for what might be the best secondary in the game. Get this now before anyone steals it.

    PSN: Da1nOnlyPIGDOG

  • Dual Raza 100p OBO - Da1nOnlyPIGDOG

    Dual Raza is very overlooked. With a 3x Crit Damage multiplier and 20% Crit chance. This riven might actually break it.

    PSN: Da1nOnlyPIGDOG

  • Despair 60p OBO - Da1nOnlyPIGDOG

    Throw the Stalkers own weapon and show him how it's done. You can make your Despair better with this riven.

    PSN: Da1nOnlyPIGDOG

  • Akstiletto: 235p - GundamFanDeluxe0

    With added multishot and damage this is a dream come true. Electric for easy Viral, Corrosive or Magnetic.

    PSN GundamFanDeluxe0

  • Dark Split Sword: 110p - GundamFanDeluxe0

    -slash doesn't affect this all status weapon. Combine this with Condition overload and everything dies.

    PSN GundamFanDeluxe0

  • Strun: 150p - GundamFanDeluxe0

    With these stats you'll easily hit the 100% status chance required and make this a crit viable weapon. Watchout Hek.

    PSN GundamFanDeluxe0

  • Aksomati 120p - Idsie

    With this riven you can take on every Akstiletto. Lay down a barrage of crits on any enemy and those behind them. Make this one deadly slash weapon.

    PSN: idsie

  • Strun: 120p - Idsie

    Extra raw damage and extra main damage type? This riven will have an impect on any variation of Strun you're using.

    PSN: idsie

  • Lenz: 850p - Idsie

    This Lenz riven will get you over 100 Crit chance and a hefty multiplier on its on. Combined with any decent build, nothing will survive.

    PSN: idsie